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Property ownership can be daunting. To keep the resale value, you have to be hard at work 24/7. Aside from maintenance and costly repairs, you need to understand market demands and promote your property accordingly, conduct a stringent tenant vetting process and be responsible for tons of paperwork and administration. And then there are the potential evictions which are hectic and stressful in and of themselves. Fortunately, we are here to assist you by delivering extensive property management in University Cityand handling lease-related technicalities to protect your investment and peace of mind!

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What do University City property managers do?

Hiring a property manager is the best investment you can make in your property. When you put us in charge of managing your property, you will effectively relieve yourself of all the responsibilities related to property maintenance, property management, leases, paperwork, technicalities and interactions with tenants, buyers, investors and contractors. We will shield you against stress and look after the best interest of your University City property and your financial future.

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The best property management practices are founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and mutual trust between all parties involved. If you put time, patience and energy into maximizing the potential of your property and its promotion across networks, you will attract quality applicants and serious prospective buyers who appreciate and share your effort and your vision. At Lofty Property Management, we will also introduce you to reputable contractors who can help keep your property in University City in tip-top condition.

Consistent quality of property management services

To attract top-notch offers for your University City property, you need a premium standard of property management services to help you manage your resources and responsibilities as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our management team will take over all your property management and lease-related obligations as well as take care of any issues and complaints associated with property maintenance and lease management. We are prepared to step up and overcome any challenges on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect from a property management company?

    The community of University City, located right next to the University of California in San Diego, is a welcoming neighborhood with a nearby oasis of nature that is Rose Canyon Open Space Park. Owning a piece of property in the area is likely the safest, soundest financial decision you could possibly make.

    But with great decisions comes great responsibility, and that is why real estate investors and property owners come to us. Allow us to step in and lend you a helping hand. We will take over all responsibilities in relation to the management and maintenance of your University City property to help you make forward-thinking financial decisions and enable you to maximize its resale value.

  • What is a property manager's first responsibility?

    The number one responsibility of property management companies is to act on behalf of their client, the property owner, and take actions to protect their interests in relation to the property. At Lofty Property Management, we offer a full-service property management in University City:

    • Full rental analysis
    • Property marketing
    • Tenant screening & shortlisting
    • Developing tenant policies
    • Handling leases & administrative technicalities
    • Keeping records
    • Managing budget & payments
    • Setting up a rent payment schedule & rent collection
    • Contracting vendors & contractors
    • Property maintenance, repairs, supervision and inspections
    • Conflict resolutions
    • 24/7 emergency response
  • Do property managers keep late fees?

    When you hire Lofty Property Management, dealing with tenants becomes our responsibility and you will not have to go through the ordeal of chasing after them to collect overdue fees. But this brings us to the next point: what happens to the late fees and who gets to keep them?

    It depends on the stipulations of your property management agreement. There may be a standard policy on this subject or you may negotiate this beforehand.

  • Why do I need a property manager?

    Property owners and real estate investors decide to hire property managers because effective property management requires day-to-day engagement. These day-to-day standard operations and tasks are time-consuming and potentially stressful.

    To add to the ordeal, challenging issues and circumstances such as complex repairs or difficult evictions may arise along the way. A property manager can take care of all that for you and ease your mind from the moment they take over.

  • Why should I turn to you for full-service property management in University City & the area?

    What makes hiring Lofty Property Management a smart decision is because our business is founded on the principles of honesty and integrity and because we have a strong reputation and track record in performing a full scope of property management services across San Diego, be it management and maintenance of your property in Mission Hills, condo property management in Old Town or management of your latest real estate investment in University City.

    We can help you leave the best first impression on prospective tenants, buyers or investors and unlock the full potential of your property. Our associates have the expertise and experience to navigate the complex world of real estate ownership and management on your behalf to help protect your financial interest and secure your financial future. Whether you decide to lease, expand or sell, we can help you turn your investment in University City and other areas into a dependable source of revenue.

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