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We specialize in protecting your investment & peace of mind

At Lofty Property Management, we understand the ins and outs of real estate investment and property management. We can coordinate and optimize the management of your property in a way that will protect your investment and streamline the whole process. From promoting the property in a way that appeals to quality tenants and maximizes the value of your investment to handling technicalities such as rent collection to solving issues such as emergency repairs and evictions, we look out for your interests and peace of mind.

Our Process

Step 1
Contact us
Step 2
Get a property assessment
Step 3
Let us handle the rest

What’s included in San Diego property management services

Our primary role is to oversee the daily operations of your real estate, help you establish good rapport with tenants, vendors and contractors alike, as well as perform all tasks included in the scope of property management services to the highest standards and secure your peace of mind and the safety of your investment, whether in relation to tenancy, rentals or property maintenance.

Property marketing
Screening tenants
Tenant interactions
Free rental analysis
Rent collection
Property maintenance
24/7 emergency service
Leases & lease renewals
Process coordination
Movings & evictions

Effective promotion that appeals to quality candidates

We will promote your property so as to utilize its full potential. To reach out to a wide range of potential tenants, we will employ multiple listings, conventional promotional materials and online marketing tools. Our vetting process covers criminal and sex offender background checks, credit report and income evaulations, past rental and eviction histories, and more. As the tenant’s main point of contact, we become responsible for a whole host of tasks, from handling technicalities to solving complaints, facilitating move ins and move outs or conducting evictions.

Year-round maintenance of your San Diego property

Investing in a piece of real estate in San Diego is always a sound financial decision. But every forward-thinking San Diego property owner or landlord knows that owning a piece of property can be financially challenging and time-consuming, as it requires constant supervision, timely maintenance and prompt repairs. We’ve got your back. We can help you protect your investment, get top-dollar rent and maximize your property’s resale value by taking responsible action on your behalf. We will secure competitive bids for properly executed maintenance to drive down costs.

Put your property in competent hands!

To manage your time and finances more effectively, let us manage your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do property managers do on a day-to-day basis?
  • What is full service property management?

    Full service property management covers the full scope of carefully coordinated property management services

    • Conducting an in-depth rental analysis of the property
    • Boosting the marketability of the property
    • Handling payments and technicalities
    • Maintaining records
    • Shortlisting suitable tenants
    • Thorough screening of tenants across criminal & sex offender databases
    • Develop tenant policies
    • Preparing and executing leases
    • Establishing a rental schedule
    • Performing and supervising property maintenance and timely repairs
    • Conducting frequent inspections of vacated properties
    • Responding to emergencies and eventualities

    All this is available at competitive fees. All the contractors we work with are fully vetted industry professionals who perform quality repairs and maintenance at reasonable charges.

  • How do property managers handle repairs?

    Being diligent and detailed when handling property maintenance and repairs is a number one priority for professional property managers. Preferably, we do not require your input for the majority of minor repairs and regular property maintenance, but you can set a limit for costly emergency repairs, in which case we will request your approval prior to taking action. 

    We also offer a 24/7 emergency service designed to restore your property in Mission Valley, Mira Mesa or any other area in San Diego to its original condition as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

  • How do you charge for property management fees?

    At Lofty Property Management, we offer competitive property management service fees to our clients with no add-on fees or hidden charges. We prioritize transparency, honesty and ongoing communication in our relationship with our clients in an effort to help you maximize profit and minimize stress.

    To define and manage your goals for the future and achieve a stable source of revenue, you will need to devise an efficient, forward-thinking action plan for the management of your property and your investment. As one of San Diego’s most sought-after property management companies, we can readily handle and facilitate all the steps of the process, from analyzing and promoting your property, to handpicking tenants, to solving issues and carrying out evictions and effectively help you reduce the stress in your daily life.

  • How do I market my property for rent?

    In order to attract quality applicants who will fulfil their obligations pertaining to the lease of your property, you need to turn to reputable sources. If that sounds like too much of a hassle for which you do not have the time or energy, we’ve got you covered. To help you determine a realistic rent range, we will perform a thorough rental analysis, an essential element of our property management service, at no additional charge by taking the following actions: 

    • Running a comparison with similar properties in the rental market in your San Diego neighborhood
    • Gain up-to-date information on essential metrics, such as vacancy rates, rent trends in the area, etc.
    • Create fact-checked cash flow forecasts

    A pivotal asset that Lofty Property Management brings to the table is our commitment to our clients. And at the core of our client-oriented service is to walk you through the process and guide you through the process of leasing your property in a way that will secure a realistic value and return on investment.

    But tracking down tenants, collecting rent in a timely manner and managing tenant needs, obligations and requests is just part of the work we do. We are also responsible for consistent market monitoring which covers inventory and rent increases and decreases. 

    This enables us to act fast in the case of unforeseen circumstances, such as tenant evictions or cancelations, and give you a realistic insight into your San Diego property’s rental value.

  • What are the leading property management companies in San Diego?

    We are here to help you navigate the fiercely competitive San Diego real estate market by providing you with a comprehensive property management service that will help you build a strong reputation, attract responsible tenants and maintain or further raise the value of your property.

    We strive to bring our clients an enhanced customer experience and help them explore their full alteration and modernization potential in a way that will satisfy the latest market demands and ensure competitiveness.

    At Lofty Property Management, we bring you a zero-hassle service available at competitive prices and take a hands-on approach to managing your property. Due to our meticulous screening process and no-nonsense approach to work, we boast a zero-eviction track record.

    We strive to make decisions in your best interest, whether they concern hiring contractors, shortlisting tenants or handling paperwork and technicalities. 

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