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Lofty Property Management is a full service Property management company, specializing in managing residential properties. Lofty strives to provide exceptional customer service to our property owners and tenants through good old fashioned follow through (Promises made-Promises Kept) Combined with the latest in cutting edge technology in order to gain maximum listing exposure, Lease faster than the competition and yield the highest rental income.

We encompass a seasoned management team that offers our owners forward thinking, step by step solutions to maximize returns, occupancy & minimizing your expenses. All the while making sure our tenants are happy in their new homes.

Our Services

Property Marketing
Screening Tenants
Tenant Interactions
Free Rental Analysis
Rent Collection
Property Maintenance
24/7 Emergency Service
Leases & Lease Renewals
Process Coordination
Movings & Evictions

Property Owners

Our primary goal is to support and help you manage your investment. We can optimize the whole process on your behalf and assist you in setting and collecting a realistic rent and managing your budget. Seek a maintenance request and get a comprehensive overview of your obligations as a San Diego rental property owner. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Promote your rental property to track down and attract quality applicants
  • Conduct a thorough screening process to handpick top candidates
  • Performing timely property maintenance, repairs and problem-solving
  • Handle lease technicalities, move ins, move outs, and evictions


Property managers are not only responsible for managing your property, but also the tenants. The manager is the tenants’ key point of contact with the landlord. It is the manager’s job to minimize the risk of misunderstandings and disputes and act as the tenants’ go-to person for the resolution of problems and emergencies and stress-free move ins and move outs. We will:

  • Manage tenants’ needs and preferences for the entire duration of the lease
  • Provide a rapid response to reported issues, malfunctions, and emergencies
  • Handle paperwork and the technicalities & interact between landlords and tenants
  • Provide tenants with detailed move in/move out guidelines to facilitate the process

Why hire Lofty Property Management?

Diverse listing

We offer diverse listings and take action to maximize your listing exposure.

Transparent pricing

Our transparent pricing shortlists top applicants, leaving no room for doubt.

On-time rent collection

We will make sure rent collection functions like clockwork.

In-depth tenant screening

Prospective tenants undergo in-depth screening based on a wide range of criteria.

Detailed tenant guidelines

The tenants are presented with a comprehensive and detailed set of guidelines.

24/7 emergency service

We will be by your side every step of the way, including emergency situations.

A Word from Our Clients

2 Rooms Southwark

BRL 349,000
Beautiful Huge 1 Family House In Heart Of Westbury. Newly Renovated With New Wood Floors, Cherry Cabinets And New B [more]
Beautiful Huge 1 Family House In Heart Of Westbury. Newly Renovated With New Wood Floors, Cherry Cabinets And New B [more]
32 5 825,00 m2full info
open house

Family House In Hudson

BRL 1,000,000
Beautiful, updated, ground level Co-op apartment in the desirable Bay Terrace neighborhood. This home features hard [more]
Beautiful, updated, ground level Co-op apartment in the desirable Bay Terrace neighborhood. This home features hard [more]
52.5 5 600,00 m2full info

Park Avenue Apartment

BRL 500 / month
Mckinley Hill is situated inside Fort Bonifacio which is a 50 hectares owned by Megaworld. Mckinley Hill is Said to [more]
Mckinley Hill is situated inside Fort Bonifacio which is a 50 hectares owned by Megaworld. Mckinley Hill is Said to [more]
32.5 1 300,00 m2full info

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the types of property management?

    Property management covers different types of property: residential property, commercial property, recreational property, as well as storage facilities and assets. At Lofty, we focus on the residential niche of property management in San Diego.

  • What services are included in property management?

    For homeowners or landlords looking to make smart choices in the best interest of their property in San Diego, hiring a reputable, longstanding property manager is a fail-safe solution to protect their investment by having an experienced professional handle and oversee the daily operations pertaining to their real estate investment.

    Full-service property management typically includes:

    • Performing a rental analysis report to determine the realistic property value
    • Carrying out regular property maintenance with urgent repairs and non-stop emergency service
    • In-depth screening of tenants with thorough criminal background checks
    • Coordinating move ins and move outs based on a step-by-step protocol and detailed guidelines

    With us, you get a property manager who will strive to make the process of move ins fast and convenient and make the move outs amicable and painless.

  • Is it worth having a property manager?

    Purchasing a piece of real estate is always a sound financial decision, especially in a city like San Diego. But being a landlord can be a full-time job. 

    Except that it does not have to be. A property manager can spare you headaches and take stress and hassle out of your day. When you have a responsible and skilled property manager on your side, you do not have to bother with irresponsible tenants, high repair costs resulting from neglect, overdue rents, rent reminders, or evictions. 

    Contacting Lofty Property Management means you will have a partner who will help you stay on top of things and make the most of your investment, both in the property itself and in your property management service.

  • What do property managers do for you?

    Property managers can help you maximize profits and help you get a high return on your investment. They will look after your property for you by taking prompt steps to prevent damage which may result in complicated and costly repairs. Trusted property managers can also provide a non-stop emergency service designed to safeguard you against such eventualities.

    Aside from emergency repairs and preventative maintenance, property managers are in charge of screening tenants, addressing any concerns and complaints from the tenants, and handling rent and rent payment schedules.

    At Lofty, we use an automated system to track rent payments and maintain seamless communication with clients and tenants alike. 

    Do property managers handle evictions?

    Another vital benefit of property management services is that they handle evictions and move in and move outs, which can be stressful, hectic, and time-consuming for all parties involved. One of the main roles and responsibilities of a competent property manager is to safeguard you against accepting suspicious tenants which could put you at risk of inconveniences and evictions and compromise the reputation of your property. 

    Here at Lofty Property Management, we strive to prevent evictions by running detailed screenings of potential tenants and managing your property responsibly in San Diego. So far, we have had zero evictions.

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of property managers?

    Property managers have three major roles, each with its own set of responsibilities:

    1. Managing tenants and handling tenant affairsThe property manager is responsible for attracting or tracking down potential tenants through diverse listings and screening them thoroughly. The screening process covers checks of credit, income and rental history, as well as criminal and sex offender database checks.

      They are also the main point of contact for tenants. It is the managers that tenants turn to when they have any requests, concerns, complaints, issues, emergencies, and similar situations.

    2. On-time collection and disbursement of rentProperty owners delegate all their landlord duties to property managers, and rent-related responsibilities fall under the same category. Property managers are required to make sure the process goes smoothly and that the tenants are making their payments right on schedule. Advanced technology is employed to save tenants time, promote on-time payment, and facilitate the process of paying and collecting rent.

      Throughout the process, our property managers monitor rent fluctuations and inventory changes in the market reflected in changes in property rental value. We will supply you with up-to-date information which is vital to drafting mutually beneficial lease and lease renewal contracts.

    3. Maintenance and repairsResponsible landlords who invest in the regular maintenance and prompt repairs of their property on an ongoing basis are protecting their investment in the long run. Aside from creating the optimal conditions to bring higher rent, handling property maintenance with diligence attracts responsible tenants who will recognize and appreciate your commitment.

      Last but not least, a well-maintained property which requires little to no investment will retain high sale value, especially in a city like San Diego. Besides, with Lofty Property Management, maintenance issues are handled promptly and continually, which means you are not at risk of having repair costs get out of hand.

  • How does hiring a property manager work?

    If you hire Lofty Property Managers to manage your San Diego property, we will take over your role as the landlord and assume all your tasks and responsibilities, from handling technicalities to managing rent and performing maintenance.

    But before you hire us to perform your property management, we will put together a Free Rental Analysis Report. This will give both you and us a realistic, fact-checked idea of your San Diego property value. 

    To give you an accurate rent range based on an in-depth analysis of your property value and equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed, forward-thinking decisions concerning the future of your property, we will run comparisons with similar properties in your area through a step-by-step process which includes:

    • Examining vacancy rates
    • Inspecting rent trends 
    • Forecasting cash flow
    • Gaining insight into other relevant metrics

    This knowledge you gain from our report can be beneficial down the line: you will be able to have an educated conversation about your property which may come in handy if you ever decide to put it on the market.

  • Who are the best property management companies in San Diego, California?

    The real estate market is a fiercely competitive one, and the only way to outshine the competition is to raise the standard of service quality and keep it there. As one of San Diego’s most in-demand property management companies, we pride ourselves on our zero-eviction track record and well-coordinated process of connecting responsible property owners with equally responsible tenants which leaves both parties satisfied and reassured. 

    As professionals with experience in the property management business, we take no chances with amateur contractors. We collaborate solely with reputable contractors who have already demonstrated their real-world working knowledge and professional competency of the tasks at hand. We also strive to secure competitive bids for any maintenance or paperwork to be done on your property.

    We can ease your burden and keep your property in tip-top condition. Secure your investment and protect your peace of mind with Lofty in your corner. Contact us today!

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